Civil and administrative litigation

Adv. Assaf Gofer has extensive experience in representing before the various courts – the Supreme Court, the District Court, the Administrative Court, the various civil courts, appeals committees and the joint houses supervisor.

Adv. Assaf Gofer has represented many private individuals, institutions and public bodies over the years with great successes and has specialized in representation in administrative proceedings and is highly familiar with civil and administrative procedures.

Adv. Asaf Gofer has specialized in representation in class action suits and has accumulated extensive experience in a variety of fields – accessibility law, administrative lawsuits, environmental protection and more.

Our firm specializes in the field of negligence claims over the Internet, a unique area of ​​expertise. The practice of websites constructing is an outbroken field, so people who use the services of websites constructors are exposed to tremendous damage caused by the negligence of website constructors. For example, the incorrect construction of a website may harm the website’s advancement in the search engine “Google”, which results in tremendous economic damage.

Our firm joined hands with an expert in websites construction in order to provide holistic treatment in order to receive compensation for the many damages that websites constructors may cause.

Administrative Petition

An administrative petition is a procedure that a citizen or any other private body submits in order to appeal an administrative authority’s decision. The Administrative…

Class Action Suits

A class action is a lawsuit in which one person sues on behalf of a group of people, where the cause of action for which…
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Assaf Gofer – Law Firm

Assaf Gofer Law firm is a firm specializing in a number of niche areas in private and public law.

Adv. Assaf Gofer has extensive experience acquired in the leading law firms in Israel as a legal advisor to various public bodies, and has extensive experience in representing individuals, institutions and public bodies before the various courts, with specific expertise in all aspects of public law and in class action lawsuits, representing both representative plaintiffs and class action respondents.

Our firm is committed to providing in-depth and thorough legal advice based on the extensive legal knowledge accumulated by Adv. Assaf Gofer over the years, with an emphasis on personal attention to the client and adaptation of legal services to the specific needs of the client.


Tel: 054-5880187 Fax:073-3983100
Ha-Yetsira St 3 Second Floor mailbox 2611 Ra’anana 4366349, Israel


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