Sports Law and Football

The world of football plays a significant role in sports law, especially in Israel, because it is a very popular industry.
In Israel, the body responsible for managing football is the Israel Football Association, which is subject to the Sport act on the national level and FIFA and UEFA regulations on an international level.
All the teams that take part in the football leagues organized by the association. Each team is subject to the rules of the Football Association. In addition, any player playing in a team that is a member of the Association is subject to the rules of the Association as well as agents of footballers.
Within the Football Association there are several bodies that regulate the activity of the teams.
Budgetary control – responsible for the approval of the budgets of all the teams in the two professional leagues (the Premier League and the National League) in order to prevent a situation in which a team cannot meet its commitments. Each team provides guarantees for securing its liabilities to the budgetary control at the beginning of the season. Any contract signed by a team with a player is submitted for budgetary control and it enters into force only after approval of the control.
The Disciplinary Tribunal – discusses disciplinary offenses by any party subject to the Association’s regulations – teams, players, coaches and members of management. Any official in the team is subject to the rules of the association.
Committee for the Status of the Player – A committee that discusses the market value of a player if there is disagreement between two teams regarding the value of the player they wish to transfer from each other. This committee discusses only the monetary value of the player and no other disputes.
The Arbitration Institute – an institution that deals with all disputes between teams, players, coaches and agents registered with the Football Association (including minor leagues). The Arbitration Institute has exclusive jurisdiction over these disputes in matters relating to football (a claim by an agent for his commission shall be submitted to the Arbitration Institute).
The Supreme Court of the Football Association – discusses any matter related to activity under the Association that is not under the authority of the other bodies.A dispute between teams from different countries or between a player and a team from different countries will be discussed by the internal institutions of FIFA and / or UEFA. An appeal of a decision by these bodies may be submitted to the CAS – Court of Arbitration of Sports.


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