Accessibility and equal rights for people with disabilities law

The law in Israel protects the right of people with disabilities to equality and accessibility adjustments so that they can function as independently and equally as possible. The law of accessibility and equality for persons with disabilities is a complex set of laws, regulations and standards aimed at preventing the discrimination of persons with disabilities and ensuring their right to access in commercial and public places and services, which require public and commercial places and bodies to make accessibility adjustments.

Advocate Assaf Gofer has extensive experience in representing local authorities in proceedings dealing with the accessibility of the public spaces, focusing on the field of class action lawsuits. His experience representing public bodies in the field enables him to deal with legal challenges in accessibility law in order to give the firm’s clients the best professional service.

Our firm’s goal is to raise awareness in the society regarding the rights of people with disabilities by filing legal proceedings in matters of public importance and encouraging people with disabilities to assert their rights.

Our firm provides comprehensive services in the field of accessibility law:
Filing class actions against entities that violate the laws of accessibility
Filing individual claims for monetary compensation for infringement of the rights of persons with disabilities
Filing petitions on matters of public importance in the field of accessibility
Providing opinions and accompanying entities that are required to make accessibility adjustments.

Assaf Gofer – Law Firm

Assaf Gofer Law firm is a firm specializing in a number of niche areas in private and public law.

Adv. Assaf Gofer has extensive experience acquired in the leading law firms in Israel as a legal advisor to various public bodies, and has extensive experience in representing individuals, institutions and public bodies before the various courts, with specific expertise in all aspects of public law and in class action lawsuits, representing both representative plaintiffs and class action respondents.

Our firm is committed to providing in-depth and thorough legal advice based on the extensive legal knowledge accumulated by Adv. Assaf Gofer over the years, with an emphasis on personal attention to the client and adaptation of legal services to the specific needs of the client.


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