Interpol red notice cancellation

The INTERPOL is an international organization based in France, which is designed to connect national police bodies in it’s member countries. The organization does not have independent investigative powers, but rather helps to connect various policing bodies in its member states.

When a country wants to arrest a person outside its borders, it turns to The INTERPOL to issue a “red notice”, which makes it difficult for that person to move around the world. INTERPOL distributes among its member states the fact that he is wanted in a specific country, which may lead to his extradition to that country.

“Red notices” are used by totalitarian regimes, which use them to persecute dissidents. A clear example of this is Turkey’s decision to issue a ‘red notice” against the New York Knicks basketball player, Enes Kanter, who spoke out against the Turkish regime.In order to ensure that “red notices” are used in accordance with INTERPOL rules, The INTERPOL has a committee responsible for overseeing the handling of information passing through INTERPOL’s databases. This is an independent body designed to ensure that the processing of personal information by INTERPOL is consistent with the rules established by the organization in this matter.

In accordance with the rules of the organization, any person may apply to the committee to find out whether there is information ] about him in the INTERPOL databases, and if there is, he is entitled to ask the committee to remove the information so he can travel freely around the world.

Our firm is one of the few firms in Israel that provide representation before the committee for the purpose of filing applications for the receipt and deletion of information from the INTERPOL databases. For the purpose of providing comprehensive and professional service, our firm joined hands with Ben Ari, Fish, Saban & Co. Law Firm, which specializes, inter alia, in criminal law.

Together, we provide comprehensive care to give our clients the freedom of movement around the world without fear.

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