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The field of sports law is a fascinating and unique legal field, gaining momentum in Israel and around the world. In Israel, the Israeli Sports act and the regulations enacted thereunder determine the normative framework for all sports activities in Israel, with regulations enacted by each of the sports associations regulating the specific activity in that sports.

Assaf Gofer has been a Paralympic athlete for 20 years, representing the State of Israel in the World Championships and five European Championships, while at the last European Championships he won a bronze medal in the team event. As a veteran athlete, adv. Assaf Gofer knows the sport world very well and gives the firm’s clients an attentive response to all their needs.

Adv. Assaf Gofer has experience in the field of sports law when he represented in cases before the Supreme Court of the Sports Associations in Israel and was part of the legal team of the Israeli Sports Association for disabled in an appeal filed against the deduction of world ranking points to Israeli players who did not show up for their matches in the European Championship during Yom Kippur. The firm’s clients include Mr. Yaakov Buzaglo’s “big Boy” football players agency.

Our firm provides services in the various branches of sports law:
Representation of athletes, agents and sports associations before the internal organs of the various sports associations and courts
Ongoing support of associations and sports groups.
Representation of athletes and sports teams in the editing of agreements.
Representation in disciplinary proceedings with an emphasis on procedures related to the use of prohibited substances in sports.
Providing legal opinions to public bodies.

Sports Law and Football

The world of football plays a significant role in sports law, especially in Israel, because it is a very popular industry. In Israel, the body…
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Assaf Gofer – Law Firm

Assaf Gofer Law firm is a firm specializing in a number of niche areas in private and public law.

Adv. Assaf Gofer has extensive experience acquired in the leading law firms in Israel as a legal advisor to various public bodies, and has extensive experience in representing individuals, institutions and public bodies before the various courts, with specific expertise in all aspects of public law and in class action lawsuits, representing both representative plaintiffs and class action respondents.

Our firm is committed to providing in-depth and thorough legal advice based on the extensive legal knowledge accumulated by Adv. Assaf Gofer over the years, with an emphasis on personal attention to the client and adaptation of legal services to the specific needs of the client.


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